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20 WORST Jokes of Edinburgh Fringe

The best joke of the Fringe competition is officially over. Luke Rollason and Lorna Rose Treen have compiled the ultimate trash pile of jokes, hand-picked by comedians from their own shows. Read here

Fringe debuts: Brown Sauce

Sharlin Jahan is bringing the success of her South Asian comedy night Brown Sauce to Edinburgh Fringe. Here, she tells us how it came into being, and taking inspiration from Kemah Bob’s Femmes of Colour. Read here

Fringe debuts: Christian Brighty

Christian Brighty is performing Playboy, a character comedy show wearing the flowing white shirt a Romantic Period Drama. Here he talks about his love of the genre, passion for Poldark and why romantic love isn’t enough on its own. Read here

Fringe debuts: Ali Woods

Ali Woods is performing Best Friend Ever, a show about discovering he was a bad friend and how he tried to be better. Here, he gives his guide to having emotional conversations, for those who aren’t so keen on having them. Read here

Fringe debuts: Rich Hardisty

Rich Hardisty is performing Silly Boy, a show about the interesting and sometimes shocking things his brain is capable of doing (whether he wants it to or not). Here he tells us more about the show and talking about the darkness. Read here

Rose Johnson: I’m not doing Edinburgh. I’m going on Love Island instead

She told the Guardian it’s because of the expense, the pressure, the elitism — but actually, Rose is this season’s final bombshell. Read the exclusive here

Fringe debuts: Eme Essien

Eme Essien is performing Flat Shoes in the Club?, a character comedy show about the internal conflict of a woman trying to achieve modern ideals as she gets ready for a night out. Here, Eme shares the cheat code for optimum bus enjoyment. Read here

Fringe debuts: Shelf

Shelf (Rachel and Ruby) are performing their show Hair, a musical comedy show about one life-changing haircut. As with all double acts, either you’re Rachel or Ruby or both or neither — or somehow a combination of all four?? Take the quiz here

Fringe debuts: Joseph Parsons

Joseph Parsons is performing Equaliser, a show about being a gay sports fan in a world where LGBTQIA+ hostility is still rife. Here he tells us about coming out at university and what it means, 10 years later, to delve into those memories. Read here

Fringe debuts: Leo Reich

Leo Reich is performing Literally Who Cares?!, a show of perfectly formed opinions and life’s big questions (such as, why aren’t you following him on Twitter?). Here he tells us why his ‘comedy show’ is the one you’ve got to see. Read here

Fringe debuts: Suchandrika Chakrabarti

Suchandrika Chakrabarti is performing I Miss Amy Winehouse, a show about nostalgia, grief and celebrity, in which she tries to find the solution to missing someone. One option is time travel. Here, she presents a quiz on time-travelling safely. Read here

Fringe debuts: Danielle Walker

Danielle Walker is performing Nostalgia, a show about family, memory and legacy. Here she talks about remembering people for their strangeness, and realising her parents could be idiots too. Read here

Fringe debuts: Jake Farrell

Jake Farrell is performing Sky, a show about moving back to his hometown of Stevenage during the second lockdown — but also, commitment, family and rats. Here he talks about being alpha’d by the Stevenage Rat Catcher. Read here

Fringe debuts: Lara Ricote

Lara Ricote is performing GRL/LATNX/DEF, a show about fitting into boxes — the girl box, the Latin box, the hard of hearing box… Here she talks about leaning into her own experience of the world to write a show about her identity juggling. Read here

Fringe debuts: Ania Magliano

Ania Magliano is performing Absolutely No Worries If Not, where she questions whether she’ll ever be able to confront her hairdresser about a bad haircut. Can she get through her early 20s without ending every sentence with ‘absolutely no worries if not’? Read here

Fringe debuts: Stokes & Summers

Stokes & Summers are performing Careering, a show about work, the ups and downs of the modern workplace. Here they give us the ultimate playlist to keep you focused at your desk. You better work, bitch. Read here

Fringe debuts: Hannah Fairweather

Hannah Fairweather is performing Just A Normal Girl Who Enjoys Revenge, a show about entering her Taylor Swift Blank Space era. Here, she writes about the ex-flatmate that never bought loo roll and using stand-up to stand up for yourself. Read here

Fringe debuts: Sam Lake

Sam Lake is performing Cake, a show about his own love story and reassessing goals when things don’t quite go to plan. Here he tells us what happened when his wedding and show were both cancelled. Read here

Fringe debuts: Mary Beth Barone

Mary Beth Barone is performing Silly Little Girl, an hour about the Big Three: growing up in the 90s, dating and the Cold War. Here, she tackles an equally important subject: the addictive pull of white crop-top purveyor, Brandy Melville. Read here

Fringe debuts: Isabelle Farah

Isabelle Farah is performing Irresponsabelle, her show about growing up (or not), terrible decisions and desperately failing to be a responsible adult. She talks here about moving between theatre and stand-up. Read here

Fringe debuts: Vix Leyton

Vix Leyton is performing More Fiction Than Girl, a show examining the multiple roles you play in your life and what happens when you break out of them. Here, she shares the lessons she’s learned from performing comedy. Read here

Fringe debuts: Vidura Bandara Rajapaksa

Vidura Bandara Rajapaksa is performing Monsoon Season, a show about race, religion and Ratatouille. Here, he gives us A Beginner’s Guide to Berlin. Read here

Fringe debuts: Erika Ehler

Erika Ehler is performing Femcel, a show exploring the overlooked female equivalent of the incel. You may not know if you’ve come across the femcel before, so Erika is here to give you the introduction she deserves. Read here

Fringe debuts: Sarah Roberts & Kiran Saggu

Sarah Roberts and Kiran Saggu are performing their split bill, Cake. They think it’s important to celebrate absolutely everything they do, so here they’ve listed just a few of the reasons to congratulate themselves. Read here

Fringe debuts: Cerys Bradley

Cerys Bradley is performing Sportsperson, a show about playing sport and fitting in, being non-binary and spending your childhood waiting in the car while your brother plays football. Take their quiz to see if YOU are a sportsperson! Take the quiz

The Delightful Sausage answer fan questions

Christopher-Louise Cantrill and Amy Gledhill are bringing their new show, Nowt But Sea, to the Fringe. Read here

Fringe debuts: Ian Lynam

Ian Lynam is performing Autistic License, a show exploring diagnosis, relationships, sexuality, creativity and the history of autism. Ian sets out to prove autistic people have more to offer than being good at maths. Read here

Fringe debuts: Sian Davies

Sian Davies is performing About Time, a show about growing up and finding your place. Here, she provides a peek into the mystical world of the Fringe poster and the process of capturing the perfect shot to encapsulate the show. Read here

Fringe debuts: Posey Mehta

Posey Mehta is performing I Am Not A Gorilla, an absurd character comedy show about being othered and lonely. Here, she tells us the top five things you need to know if you’re a gorilla who’s getting back out there. Read here

Joz Norris interviewed by Ben Target: Blink

‘My name is Joz Norris and I used to be a silly comedian. But today, I’m the greatest magician that ever lived, and I’m never going to be silly again’. Read here

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