Cerys Bradley:

Are you a sportsperson? Take the quiz!

Fringe Debuts!

Welcome to our Fringe Debuts series, where comedians taking their first show to Edinburgh Fringe will give you a little taster of what to expect, an insight into their world, or really super weird musings on something equally bizarre — to be honest, we just let them run with it. If you’re readying yourself for a giant lol injection in August, now’s your chance to find something NEW to add to your list.

Cerys Bradley is performing Sportsperson, a show about play sport and fitting in, being non-binary and sitting in the car while your brother plays football. Take Cerys’ quiz to find out if YOU are a sportsperson!

To be a sportsperson or to not be a sportsperson.

That is the question.

Well, the question more frequently phrased as “are you a sportsperson?” This is the question that everyone contemplates at some point in their lives. The one that all your relatives demand an answer to at Christmas/your uncle’s funeral/assorted other family gatherings and holidays. It is the ultimate categorisation of humanity. The only label worth having. The most important thing about you. So stop pretending you haven’t lost sleep over it. Tossing and turning. Asking yourself “am I or am I not?” Wondering “what is my destiny?”

And prepare yourself for an answer.

Complete LMAOnaise’s patent pending, extremely scientific* and 100% money-back-guaranteed Sportsperson QuizTM… to find out today if you are, or are not, a sportsperson.

*9 in 10 dentists agree

Cerys Bradley: Sportsperson runs from Aug 3rd-29th (not 15th), 4:40pm, at Wee Room Gilded Balloon. Tickets here

Cerys is on Twitter and Instagram @hashtagcerys and you can sign up to their newsletter via cerysbradley.com

(Main image: Miranda Holms)


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