Birthday Girls: The best party we’ve ever been to

Beattie edmondson, Rose Johnson and Camille Ucan, comedians from sketch group and podcast, Birthday Girls, making funny facing in front of pink background

Sketch group Birthday Girls - Beattie Edmondson, Rose Johnson and Camille Ucan - tell us about partying with pro-wrestlers,  pumpkin soup and one thousand sticky sausages.

We’re adding some interviews to LMAOnaise!! Having chats with some of our fave people, sharing some little interviews and special features relating to upcoming shows.

The very first is with a wonderful trio who do one of my all time fave podcasts, Birthday Girls House Party. The Birthday Girls are Beattie Edmondson, Rose Johnson and Camille Ucan, and if you haven’t listened to their pod before, they say it’s got the vibe of 3am at a house party when the best people left over are chatting shit and oversharing. They have a different theme every ep, and play games with comedy pals (past guests include Rosie Jones, Lolly Adefope, Brett Goldstein, Mae Martin, Jack Rooke, Rose Matafeo, Luke McQueen, Emma Sidi, oh so many many more). They have an upcoming LIVE recording of a podcast this very weekend (August 21st) with Elis James joining them for a Post-Apocalypse Party.

So, Birthday Girls have given us a glimpse into their party animal lives, by telling us about the BEST PARTY they’ve ever been to:

ROSE: It would have to be one of the legendary house parties we used to throw at our flat during the Edinburgh Fringe. We could never afford anywhere with a living room so the parties basically involved every sketch comedian in Edinburgh packing themselves into our various bedrooms. The particular party that sticks in my mind was attended by five pro wrestlers (who were performing in Max & Ivan’s The Wrestling), and featured an inexplicable game called ‘Ghost F*ck’ (invented by Beattie and Tom Bell), the rules of which I’m still unclear on. Oh, and I also got together with my now-husband by barricading him in my bedroom at 5am.

CAMILLE: I’m not sure this is the ‘best’ party I’ve been to but it’s definitely one of my most memorable… Beattie used to have epic fancy dress parties at her flat and one year after Edinburgh she kindly let me crash at hers for a few weeks which coincided with Halloween. I dressed up as a zombie bride and made a pumpkin soup which I kept trying to feed people (FYI nobody wants to eat hot soup out of a polystyrene cup when they’re covered in fake blood and getting drunk on rum punch). Beattie bought a huge spider which attached to the living room ceiling and freaked me out every time I went to sleep because she refused to take it down after the party. And my eyes hurt for days because I’d worn zombie contact lenses I bought off the internet (and had to literally gauge out of my head).

BEATTIE: My favourite party is Rose’s annual Christmas soirée. Not only are you greeted with a champagne cocktail, but you are then presented with one of the best party spreads I’ve ever seen in my life. Vol-au-vents? Sure. Homemade cheese biscuits that melt in your mouth? You bet. One thousand of the best sticky sausages you’ve ever tasted in your life? YES MATE! Also every year I like to rearrange her festive forest scene to make it look like all the animals are having sex. Good times.

If you wanna join Rose, Camille and Beattie at a party, go to Birthday Girls House Party Live! with special guest Elis James, 5pm Saturday 21st August, Underbelly Cavendish Square. Get your tickets here and support them on Patreon here

Picture: Sarah Creswell


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